On April 24, seven local activists were arrested for occupying the lobby of Wells Fargo branch at 464 California Street, San Francisco after 30 concerned citizens conducted a solemn vigil to highlight the interconnectedness of environmental injustices and financial misconduct.

The vigil included a mournful choir calling out Wells Fargo’s complicity in climate chaos, interspersed with participants speaking the personal stories of individuals across the globe who are directly affected by the environmental offenses perpetrated by the bank. Participants shared, with signs and voices, these stories of loss, struggle, and resilience in the face of environmental degradation and corporate greed.

Outside, passersby were given flyers encouraging them to write to Wells Fargo’s Chief Sustainability Officer to send the message to top executives at Wells Fargo to take immediate action on climate justice. You can send a letter by visiting this link.

Today’s action against Wells Fargo is part of an ongoing national campaign to demand that large banks divest from the fossil fuels that are killing the planet.

Credits: Joseph DeRose and Leon Kunstenaar.