Climate protesters from XRSFBay, 350 Bay Area and other groups blocked open the entrance and occupied the lobby of fossil fuel funder Wells Fargo in the bank’s 333 Market Street headquarters on October 26, disrupting business as usual.

Ranging from college students to seniors in their 70s, the 19 were arrested for locking themselves to equipment and to each other to form a human blockade. The arrests occurred mid afternoon; protesters were taken in a police van to the County Jail, where they were cited and released

The climate protectors were demanding that Wells Fargo:

  • Divest from the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project, of which it is a key funder, and any oil and gas expansion projects.
  • Issue an actionable transition plan on how they will reach their net-zero goals.
  • Open a line of communication with members of the public, who are being harmed by their carbon-emitting financing, starting with a conversation now with a Wells Fargo executive.

This is part of an ongoing campaign by Extinction Rebellion and many allies to demand that major banks stop their investment in the fossil fuel industry.