A protest art installation to bring attention to the lethality of greed; express our grief over the true costs of fossil fuel extraction and our rage at elected state representatives (Gov. Newsom et al) who continue to pander to the fossil fuel industry.

This action was hosted by Extinction Rebellion Sacramento with organizational help from XR SF Bay Area, Dandelion Affinity Group, and Nor Cal Resist.

A funerary arrangement of rows of shoes and respiratory devices (used inhalers, nasal cannulas, CPAP masks etc.) were arrayed on the steps and across the landings leading up to the entrance. After the event everything was donated to secondhand organizations, and a letter sent to Gov. Newsom urging him to act now to protect people and planet.

If you’d like to add your voice and tell Gov. Newsom to stop fanning the flames, sign this petition from Last Chance Alliance, and email or call the Governor to let him know.

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Letter to Gov. Newsom:

Governor Newsom,

We are urging you to stop issuing new oil and gas permits. You have issued 1500 gas and oil permits this year - almost double the number from last year. You have allowed companies to drill too close to wildlife natural areas and poor communities.

California’s oil is one of the dirtiest crude oils on the planet. Spills and explosions happen more often. More dangerous gases are emitted, driving the climate crisis.

But not only is California driving the climate crisis, it’s affecting the health crisis. The air pollution from crude oil alone creates respiratory health risks, especially in poor neighborhoods. These health risks put everyone in greater risk for Covid-19.

These risks are unfairly concentrated in communities with people of color. They are our friends and family members whether we know them or not, and they deserve the same respect and consideration you give your own family.

Walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk. You said it yourself, these fires are made worse by climate change, yet you continue to support the oil and gas industries. They are the primary cause of the climate crisis.

At this point, solar and wind power are affordable and viable replacements. The labor from oil and gas can be retrained to greener industries, contributing to cleaner air, and the health of poor communities.

We know if we come together as a united people and be a leader in fighting the climate crisis we can turn the tide and save our planet for all our children and future generations.

Join us in this movement to save our planet.

You were a catalyst for the marriage equality act, be a catalyst for climate solutions.